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    Website dedicated to finding, translating, and diffusing DEI information and resources.

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  • ASEE Reports

    ASEE's mission is to “advance innovation, excellence, and access at all levels of education for the engineering profession.” For decades, ASEE has been a leader in producing high-impact reports.

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  • ASEE PreK-12 Engineering Education

    Resources by ASEE specific to PreK-12th grade students. Supporting PreK-12 educators to inspire engineering professionals of the future.

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  • ASEE Journals

    Access the journals published by ASEE: Advances in Engineering Education, Journal of Engineering Education and Division Journals.

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  • ARC Network

    The ARC Network strives to advance STEM equity in academia by convening diverse audiences to collaborate, share, and implement the best practices and tools shown to effect change.

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    Data workshops with our Engineering PLUS partner, SageFox.

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  • IPEDS Database

    Primary source for information on U.S. colleges, universities, and technical and vocational institutions.

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  • Knowledge Center

    Comprehensive source of publications and other resources that support STEM diversity champions in their equity and inclusion efforts.

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  • NSF Includes National Network

    Connecting individuals, alliances, pilot programs, federal agencies, educational institutions, and other entities to shift inequitable systems and broaden participation in STEM education and careers.

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  • State of US Sci/Eng

    This report summarizes key findings providing in-depth data and information on STEM education at all levels and in the STEM workforce.

    View the report on STEM Education